The African Bicycle Contribution Foundation (ABCF) launched its program of distributing free Ghanaian-made bamboo bicycles to under-resourced Ghanaian rural students, small farmers, and healthcare workers, in September 2016. The distribution of those first 30 bikes, in Accra and Kumasi, was just the first step in the African-American-established NGO’s long-term plan for providing support to young people across Ghana.


In July 2019, the Foundation distributed an additional 85 bikes, for a total of 500, over the three-year period, to rural students and teachers from the Ningo-PramPram School District, at an event at the Achimota Golf Club, in Accra. 

ABCF was supported at its 500th Bicycle Distribution event, in Accra, in July 2019, by the Hon. Elizabeth K.T. Sackey, deputy regional minister, Ghana's Greater Accra Region, and Carl Nelson, chief operating officer, Ghana Investment and Promotion Centre

As successful as the bicycle distribution program has been, since inception, in providing much-needed mobility to the under-resourced, in 12 locations in northern, central and southern Ghana, the Foundation's leaders have decided that it is well past time to move ahead to the second component of the vision statement ABCF had announced in the fall of 2016.


At the time, the Foundation made a commitment to "Improving Critical Access, Inter-Continental Communications and Trade Opportunities," in Ghana, and to "enhancing communication and understanding between and among the people of Africa, those in the United States, and other nations."


In addition, "ABCF also envision(ed) that its operations and the networks available through its world-class board members, would (eventually) lead to trade opportunities that (would) be mutually beneficial, in the areas of business and job creation, for Ghanaians and people in the U.S."


In 2016, the Foundation also (planned) to raise funds to "initiate educational-focused, technology-facilitated dialogues for students and business owners, between Ghanaian and U.S. residents."

Board & Staff

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Board Chair

A. Bruce Crawley

President, Millennium 3 Management

Philadelphia, PA


Board Vice Chair

Dr. Samuel F. Quartey, Retired

Podiatrist, Foot & Ankle Surgeon

Accra and Philadelphia

Board Members

Kingsley Bennett, CEO

Metro Edge Technologies

Accra, Ghana

​Christopher B. Crawley, Technology Recruiter


San Jose, CA


Joseph DiAngelo, Ed.D., Dean

Erivan K. Haub School of Business

St. Joseph’s University

Philadelphia, PA

Fred Dickson, EVP & CIO

AmeriHealth Caritas

Philadelphia, PA

Hon. Abla Dzifa Gomashie, CEO

Values for Life

Accra, Ghana

Daniel J. Hilferty, CEO

Independence Health Group

Philadelphia, PA

Dr. Victor B. Lawrence, Director

Center for Intelligent Networked Systems (iNetS)

Stephens Institute of Technology

Hoboken, NJ


Tod MacKenzie, Retired

Communications Management Executive

Philadelphia, PA

Abdul Manan

Marketing Consultant

Philadelphia, PA

Cynthia R. Miller, President

CRM Agency LLC

Atlanta, GA

Dr. Nii Odartei Mills, President

Santa Institute of Technology

Accra, Ghana

Manish Nambiar, General Manager

Kempinski Gold Coast City Hotel

Accra, Ghana

Hon. Dr. Mark K. Nawaane, Member of Parliament 

Private Medical Practitioner, Philanthropist

Accra, Ghana

Colin Anthony Romero, M.D.

Seattle, WA


Hon. Karen Smith Woodson, Retired

Magistrate Judge, Superior Court

Fulton County, GA


Board Special Advisors

Hon. Elizabeth K.T. Sackey, Deputy Minister

Greater Accra Region

Accra, Ghana

Executive Director/Treasurer

Patricia Marshall Harris


Ethel E. Waters
Administrator — Philadelphia Office

Gladys S. Azure

Marketing Consultant

Administrator — Accra Office

Philip N.A. Sackey, CEO

PCS Company Ltd.

Deputy Administrator — Accra Office

A. Bruce Crawley

Dr. Samuel F. Quartey 

Joseph DiAngelo 

Fred Dickson

Dr. Victor B. Lawrence

Tod MacKenzie

Dr. Nii Odartei Mills

Manish Nambiar

Karen Smith Woodson

Elizabeth K.T. Sackey

Patricia Marshall Harris 

Ethel E. Waters

Kingsley Bennett

​Christopher B. Crawley

Abla Dzifa Gomashie

Daniel J. Hilferty

Abdul Manan

Cynthia R. Miller

Dr. Mark K. Nawaane

Colin Anthony Romero

Gladys S. Azure

Philip N.A. Sackey 


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