A New Mission

ABCF: A New Mission 

"Helping Ghanaian students and entrepreneurs to become leaders in a tech-driven global economy."

ABCF's new mission is "Helping Ghanaian students and entrepreneurs to become leaders in a tech-driven global economy." Those activities, the Foundation has also determined, will be primarily focused in Northern Ghana and other rural areas across the country, where the need for ICT access and the upside potential for the competitive development of Ghana's human resources are greatest.

Having reached that conclusion, over the past six months, working under a new program name, "The Collaboration for IT and Communications Excellence," ABCF has conducted a pilot distribution of computers, IT-related equipment, and devices, at the Girls' Model School, in Nabdam, Ghana, a school where the Foundation had previously distributed 50 bicycles to students, in July 2018.

Why now?


In its original iteration, the Foundation was focused on providing bicycle-based mobility, primarily to Ghana's rural, under-resourced students. Quite frankly, even as we distributed free bicycles that carried students back and forth to school, we had not focused very much on the actual curriculums in those schools. We monitored student academic performance, but did not take steps to determine whether the young people were being exposed to all the courses they needed in order to compete in what is rapidly becoming a "tech-driven global economy."


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