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The "Collaboration," an ABCF program, generates funding through two primary sources:

1). Through large corporate or institutional Sponsorship grants, which assist in underwriting the Foundation’s operating and administrative expenses, and


2). Through Individual contributions, wherein small donations can be made by members of community-based organizations, or unaffiliated persons, who are interested in making personal commitments to the Collaboration's IT and Communications Education mission, in support of students and entrepreneurs, in Ghana.

Annual Sponsorship Levels*

Business Intelligence    $50,000          

Broadband Connector $25,000    

Influencer $10,000          

Data Center $5,000

Engagement $2,000 (not-for-profit organizations)

Individual Contributions

Individual contributions are accepted, and appreciated, in the amounts of $250 or more. 


All contributions to The Collaboration and the ABCF are tax-deductible.



Sponsorships & Contributions

We Need Your Support Today!

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