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Commitment to Education

Ghana’s Commitment to Education and Comparisons to other Sub-Saharan 

Budgeting and Outcomes

As early as 2011, UNICEF reported that, with 84 percent of its children in primary school, Ghana has a school enrollment that is "far ahead" of its Sub-Saharan neighbor-states. Ghana's Ministry of Education has been committed to ensuring that comparative educational advantage is maintained and that the country's education budget expenditures, recently reported at 4.5 percent of GDP, continues to reflect a higher level than the average Sub-Saharan nation, and greater than the global average.


Nevertheless, the International Finance Corporation made abundantly clear in its May 2019 report: "Digital Skills in Sub-Saharan Africa: Spotlight on Ghana," that we are all living through a global digital revolution. It also emphasized that advancing digital skills education will help Ghana to meet the increasing labor market demands driven by economic growth and the growing digitilization and automation of virtually every component of the Ghanaian economy, including agriculture, manufacturing, and services."


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