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Improving Critical Access, Inter-Continental Communications and Trade Opportunities

The African Bicycle Contribution Foundation (ABCF), through its programs, also hopes to improve access for rural African communities to educational resources, health care, clean water, and improved economic development. An anticipated by-product of ABCF’s programs, and the international cooperation they will engender, will be enhanced communication and understanding between and among the people of Africa, those in the United States, and other nations.


Through the dissemination of the Foundation’s bicycles, access to educational facilities, for rural children in Africa, will be enhanced and the economic efficiency of small, primarily agricultural-focused business owners will be improved.


ABCF also envisions that its operations and the networks available through its world-class board members, will lead to trade opportunities that will be mutually beneficial, in the areas of business and job creation, for Ghanaians and people in the U.S.


The Foundation also plans to initiate educational-focused, technology-facilitated dialogues for students and business owners, between Ghanaian and U.S. residents.


Understand our Initial

Geographic Focus

The Bicycle's Impact on Small Farmers

and the Economy in Ghana

Access to Fresh Water/

Access to Health Care

The Role for the Bicycle in

Rural Ghanaian Education

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