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The Bicycle's Impact on Small Farmers and the Economy in Ghana

Critical to the mission of ABCF is the fact that the country’s agricultural sector represents 21.3% of its overall GDP and approximately 56% of its labor focus is agriculture-related. That sector is dominated, numerically, by small farmers. The Peasant Farmers Association of Ghana has a membership of more than 600 farm-based entities across the country.


      • 86% of Ghanaians living below the poverty line reside in rural areas.


      • Small Ghanaian farmers are severely impacted by their limited access to
         marketplaces for their produce, resulting from poor roads and lack of transport.


According to United Reporters, “…in Ghana, poor farmers cycle out of economic necessity.”

In fact, Moses Binjo, a small farmer in Northern Ghana was recently quoted as saying “We prefer bicycles to other forms of transportation because they are cheaper, easy to repair, and do not pollute the environment.”

Understand our Initial Geographic Focus

The Bicycle's Impact on Small Farmers and the Economy in Ghana

Access to Fresh Water/Access to Health Care

The Role for the Bicycle in Rural Ghanaian Education


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